Sandy Beach Park Club | Grand Island, New York

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Sandy Beach Park Club is a private community park for residents of the Sandy Beach neighborhood in Grand Island, NY.

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The Sandy Beach Park Club located at the north end of the SandyBeach neighborhood on Grand Island, New York was established in 1943.  Owned, managed and enjoyed by residents of the neighborhood the park is unique by design and continues to provide hours of year-round rest and relaxation on the shores of the Niagara River.  […]


  The Sandy Beach Park Club is a private, members only area locate don the shores of the Niagara River.  Membership is available to members of Grand Island’s Sandy Beach neighborhood only.  Created as an amenity to a quickly growing neighborhood, the park offered access to the Niagara River, green space and an opportunity to […]

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Welcome Campers! On Saturday June 24th thousands of people across the nation will gather in their backyards, neighborhoods, communities and parks to take part in an event that will provide an experience for all generations to connect with nature. Be a part of the movement! Join your neighbors – Sandy Beach Park Club Members and […]


The Sandy Beach Park Club has been a cornerstone of our neighborhood since its formation in 1943.  The park was originally planned as a park space by the real estate company that was developing the homes in Sandy Beach.  With approximately 22 homes in total, 340 children in the school and a total population on […]