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Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach Park Club is a private community park for residents of the Sandy Beach neighborhood in Grand Island, NY.

The Sandy Beach Park Club located at the north end of the Sandy Beach neighborhood on Grand Island, New York was established in 1943.  Owned, managed and enjoyed by residents of the neighborhood the park is unique by design and continues to provide hours of year-round rest and relaxation on the shores of the Niagara River.  A beach that extends into a protected swimming area is always a draw on warm summer days and the water slide is a hit with the kids.  Boat slips and a launch are available to the membership and offer boaters excellent access to some of the best recreational areas of the Niagara River.

Regular special events including a community picnic, movie nights, birthday parties, weddings, baptisms and more bring life to the park most every weekend in the summer.

Bird watchers and nature lovers will find a special place at the park watching migratory ducks, herons, osprey and a number of water birds.  We continue to be amazed at the flora and fauna attracted to our park and welcome them as part of the experience.  The park was recently certified as a wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation as a result of our work planting, landscaping, and caring for the park in a way that supports the needs of wildlife.

The day-to-day management of the park is overseen by a Board of Directors elected by the membership.  This group of volunteers manages a budget to complete special projects, perform regular maintenance, organize work details and generally ensure the park remains an asset to the entire membership.

Check out the history page of the site for more information.

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